Company Profile

PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk (d / h PT Putra Sejahtera Pioneerindo), established in 1983 in Jakarta is one of the Company's first generation in Indonesia, which introduced the concept of fast food made from chicken through trademark California Pioneer Chicken, terwaralaba Pioneer Take Out - United States of America. The company has managed to attract the public with quality products and services, and managed to make a dish of fried chicken as a trendsetter in the world of fast food businesses in Indonesia.



It has been thirty-seven years since PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk has been doing business in Indonesia, to be precise since 1983 (with the initial name PT Putra Sejahtera Pioneerindo). Initially the Company held the rights to California Pioneer Chicken, the Pioneer Take Out franchise from the United States, but in 1989, the Company decided to change its status from franchisee to franchisor and produce and market its own brand, namely California Fried Chicken (CFC). The business base was strengthened by establishing franchises and subsidiaries, namely PT Putra Asia Perdana Indah and PT Mitra Hero Pioneerindo and PT Pioneerindo Sugakico Indonesia, to support the Company's performance.

The company expanded its business by entering other food markets by opening Cal Donat in 1993. Cal Donat marketed donuts and bread products as well as a family restaurant called Sapo Oriental, an oriental specialty which provided a unique experience for customers in the form of clay pots (claypot) in 1996. Meanwhile, in 2017 it launched a ramen product with the Sugakiya trademark which gives a distinctive Japanese taste.

The Company always maintains its stability and business continuity so as to gain public trust, as evidenced by the Company's listing as a Public Company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the stock code PTSP in 1994. In 2001, the Company carried out business revitalization and changed the Company's name to PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk as an effort to follow the development of the business world, especially the fast food industry. The company also continues to run in line with changing customer demands with the times by making quality improvements in all areas, such as: product, outlet display and service.
In 2017 the Company again expanded its business by collaborating with the Japanese Company Sugakico System Co., Ltd. Sugakico Company is the largest “Sugakiya” ramen company from Nagoya, Japan. The collaboration began with the establishment of PT Pioneerindo Sugakico Indonesia, which is part of a subsidiary. This new subsidiary is marketing ramen products under the brand name “Sugakiya”.

December 24, 2017 was a historic day where the Company managed to achieve cash sales of Rp500 billion or 0.5 trillion. After 37 years of doing business in Indonesia, the Company has contributed greatly to the Indonesian people, including by providing employment opportunities, enriching culinary tastes in Indonesia, playing an active role in various Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR activities and so on. In carrying out its business, the Company realizes that there are still many shortcomings that must be corrected, but with the sincerity and hard work of all employees, the Company believes that these shortcomings can be overcome. To realize the dream of becoming the number 1 national fast food restaurant in Indonesia, by the end of 2020, the Company has 4 trademarks with 318 outlets, namely 281 CFC outlets, 10 Sapo outlets and 23 Cal Donat outlets, and 4 Sugakiya outlets.