Company Profile

PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk (d / h PT Putra Sejahtera Pioneerindo), established in 1983 in Jakarta is one of the Company's first generation in Indonesia, which introduced the concept of fast food made from chicken through trademark California Pioneer Chicken, terwaralaba Pioneer Take Out - United States of America. The company has managed to attract the public with quality products and services, and managed to make a dish of fried chicken as a trendsetter in the world of fast food businesses in Indonesia.

After seven years of forging experience and proven in the market share, in 1989 the company escape attempt franchisee becomes a franchisee full brand that produces and markets its own products, namely California Fried Chicken. Business base was strengthened by establishing a franchise and also subsidiaries namely Asia Putra Perdana Indah and PT Mitra hero Pioneerindo to support the full performance of the company with an integrated partnership pattern that is run as a synergy to spur growth that triggered usaha.Sinergi business performance through a partnership This gave rise to an integrated business diversification in the form of a product launch snacks Cal Donat in 1993.

Achieve public confidence is a very important achievement for the growing power company in which the Company continues to be encouraged to continue to maintain stability and kontuinitas effort to cling to the commitment to quality. Seriousness of adding value to the business entity as well as in public services, evidenced by the Company as a public company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in April 1994.

In the year 1996, a significant step back is done by opening a family restaurant company Sapo Oriental. This is a proof of the seriousness Company in developing themselves and utilize the experience and the introduction of field. Stability of the Company's business does not make a stop learning, while the world arena amid fast-food business development occurred very rapidly. The development of society in an increasingly globalized world community always demands updates and changes. Then in 2001 the Company opened itself to undertake a thorough revitalization. One result is the most important milestone in the history of the Company, namely the change of Company's name to PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk. Now, after 24 years of work, oriented to the Company's vision to become a producer of fast food with quality service and the best in Indonesia.